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Mobile Phone & Internet

The hotel does not provide Wi-Fi internet access for attendees. CTW provide free Wi-Fi internet access to their guests only. You can buy a SIM card as soon as you get to Thailand since most airports have a place where you can buy them. Some of the most popular communication companies have facilities in the airport.

SIM card activation may vary depending on which deviceand carrier you are using. Prepaid SIM cards for tourists usually offer a 30-day validity after each top-up. You can check your mobile balance and validity via these USSD codes:

AIS: *121#   ( AIS SIM card)

DTAC: *101*9#  (DTAC SIM card)

TrueMove H: #123#  (TrueMove SIM card)



published : 09/05/2023
Expired : 12/12/2023