Keynote Speakers/Topics

Keynote Speakers/Topics

Ruben Snellings


 Dr. Ruben Snellings obtained his PhD in Sciences (geology) at KU Leuven (Belgium), afterwards he joined the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research at UGent (Belgium) as a post-doc and the Laboratory of Construction Materials of EPFL (Switzerland) as a Marie Curie IEF Fellow. There he specialised in X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy analysis of cementitious materials. Since 2014 he works at VITO as researcher taking charge of scientific coordination of a wide range of mineral residue upcycling projects. His main field of expertise is the development of novel binders incorporating mineral and inorganic waste streams (zeolites, slags, fly ashes, thermally activated clays). In 2016, he received the RILEM Gustavo Colonnetti medal for his contribution to construction materials science as a young researcher. As (co)-chair of two RILEM TC’s and liaison in CEN/TC’s on Cement and Concrete, he is actively involved in (pre-)normalisation work.


 Future and emerging supplementary cementitious materials