Keynote Speakers/Topics

Keynote Speakers/Topics

Tong Rui


 Mr. Tong Rui, Senior engineer, vice general manager of SINOMA Bonyear. He has 14 years working experience in cement industry, focusing on electrical designing, process control and industry digital transformation. He is familiar with cement DCS, MES system, APC control etc.


 The Digitization Work of Smart Cement Plant in China


 This article is to introduce the digitization work of smart cement plant/group in China. To save power and promote the product quality, delicacy management in variety ways of digital transformation is the best tool for the new built, or existing cement plants. New technologies, such as special integrated robots, online equipment, information plant form, cement process digital applicant (SAAS), AI and APC control, are implemented to approve the traditional ways of operation. A variety of AI algorithms are used in the construction of intelligent factory. Based on the neural network algorithm, a number of functions, including closed-loop control of raw meal quality, prediction of free calcium, prediction of clinker strength and so on, are realized, so that the cement production process can achieve self-learning and global optimization effects, with strong adaptability and robustness. Combined with quality prediction, furnace state recognition and quantitative recognition of fire TV video images, the furnace system is feedforward controlled, which solves the control problems of prolonged combustion system, large inertia and strong coupling. The system gives the global optimal recommended value of the control objective through calculation, and the system can operate continuously and stably under steady state conditions. By 2~5% power saving and 20% staff simplification, engineers in China and plant management are still working together to figure out the way of new management mode, on the digital basis. Meanwhile, the cement groups are also developing the production information plat form, by merging the ERP data, sales business to lower down the total cost. This paper tries to introduce the digital efforts that are carried out in the smart cement plants and shows the methodology of implementation.